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Accidents Waiting Around The Corner

Cats are naturally curious creatures. It is up to us to watch out for potential hazards to their safety.

Household Appliances
Clothes Dryers, Washing Machines, Freezers and Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Stoves

All of the above have potential risks to your cats safety. Always keep your appliance doors closed, when not in use. Whenever you are using them, be aware of where your cat is, as their natural curiosity will sometimes lure them into the open door of an appliance.

Hot Hazards
Ovens, Stovetops, Fireplaces, Candles, Space Heaters, Irons

Your cat might not know that a surface is hot until it is too late. Be watchful of your cat when any of the above appliances are in use. As for candles or fireplaces, remember that cats are either frightened or fascinated by flames.

Edible Hazards
Food items: Chocolate, Potato Eyes, Onions
These items are toxic to cats.

Sharp Objects: Broken Glass, Bones, Tinfoil, Wires, Pins, Needles, Hard Plastic
Any of these items could cause choking, or cut or puncture their esophagus or mouth if swallowed.

Medicine, Pills
These items should be stored safely away from your cat. Small pill could be especially alluring to a cat to play with and then swallow or lick.

Caustic Chemicals
Cleaning Solutions, Household Chemicals, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Antifreeze

Cleaning solutions, especially those containing phenol, can cause irritation or poisoning. Try to keep your cat in another room until the cleaned surfaces have dried completely. If kitty walks across a still damp floor, he/she will pick up residue from the cleaning solution onto it's paws. This residue could then be absorbed in through it's skin or licked off during grooming.

Antifreeze is attractive to cats, but deadly!

Other Things To Be Aware Of
Loose Electrical Cords, Open Drawers

Loose electrical cords can attract a cat to play, but if bitten into could cause electrocution and death.

Cats love to crawl into open drawers. This cause injury if they crawl into one that contains sharp objects, such as knives. Be careful when closing an open drawer in case kitty has crawled in to investigate or nap while you weren't watching.

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