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I/WE AGREE TO:  (All members of the household over 14 must read and sign)
1. Have all required/protective shots administered on the schedules provided and get all necessary veterinary care when needed.

2. Not leave the animal(s) alone for more than 12 hours.

3. Keep personalized identification on the pet at all times.  Keep a leash on the pet when on public streets, in parks, etc.  The pet is not to be kept tied up on any property.  The pet is never to be transported in the back of any open vehicle unless properly tethered.

4. Have the animal spayed/neutered according to the medical schedule provided unless valid reason given otherwise.

5. If I cannot keep the pet, I agree to return the pet to Angel Cat Pet Adoptions immediately for further placement.  I will NOT give the animal to a third party without receiving approval from Angel Cat Pet Adoptions.  I will NOT give the animal to Animal Control, a shelter or pet experimenters.

6. My treatment will be humane and loving for the rest of the life of the pet.

7. This pet will be kept INDOORS only.

8. I agree to notify Angel Cat Pet Adoptions immediately if the pet is lost and follow the instructions on how to attempt to recover the pet.

9. I understand that Angel Cat Pet Adoptions reserves the right to repossess this pet, should any of the above conditions not be met and all litigation cost will be borne by me, the Adopting Party.  Follow-up visits may be made by Angel Cat Pet Adoptions personnel at a mutually convenient time.

10. I understand that Angel Cat Pet Adoptions will inform me if they have no knowledge of the pet’s medical history prior to its rescue.   I also acknowledge that Angel Cat Pet Adoptions has made every effort to ensure that the pet(s) being adopted is/are in good health to the best of their knowledge.  I understand that, once the adoption is completed and I have taken possession of the pet, any and all medical expenses incurred with relation to the pet are my sole responsibility as the new owner.

11. I acknowledge that Angel Cat Pet Adoptions has disclosed any known behavioral tendencies to the best of their knowledge in an effort to find an appropriate home.  Accordingly, I accept full responsibility for the pet and any of its actions subsequent to this adoption.  I hereby release from any potential legal liability as a result of any actions the pet may take once the adoption is complete.

12. If I fail to comply with the terms of this agreement, I will reimburse  Angel Cat Pet Adoptions for any charges, costs and expenses including attorney’s fees that may have been incurred by Animal Abuse Prevention Agency concerning this animal.

13. I understand that the pet adoption donation is non-refundable.

14. I have answered the questions on the application for adoption and during interview(s) truthfully and completely.